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Fall Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Wednesdays


Push it Deep photo First Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Wednesdays

  Push it Deep

Push it Deep with the Reverse Sweep

Push it Deep had a tough road to the championship win today, playing back to back matches against incredibly high competition. Push it Deep lost their first game of the night 25-27 against Strangers in the Sand, but did not give up and came back to win games 2 and 3. Less than 5 minutes later, they were back up serving against the number 2 playoff seed, Set Knit Up. The finals were high energy and full of long rallies, but in the end, Push it Deep took the match 2-0. The thing you notice about Push it Deep as a team is their positive energy and hustle on the court. No ball ever drops without a member running towards it and high fives are given after every point. It was a well deserved win by a high caliber team. Congrats to Push it Deep!!!

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Set Knit Up photo
Second Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Wednesdays
Second Place

Set Knit Up

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Push it Deep 8 1 0 16 6
2   Set Knit Up 7 2 0 14 5
3   New Lineup 5 3 0 10 7
4   Strangers in the Sand 4 4 0 8 11
5   Kiss My Pass - Indy #V43 3 4 0 6 12
6   We Dig It - Indy #V42 2 5 0 4 15
7   That's what she set 2 5 0 4 13
8   Flying Bisons 0 7 0 0 21
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Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
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