Panda Squad had a dominanting performance. If you were to see this performance lets just say they would be a team you want to avoid.

Pand Squad was in command all game. Their offense was on fire and put many points and their defense was able to get stops and turnovers which fed right over into the offense making it a complete game for the team.

The one person who really pushed Panda Squad to the victory in this game was Bryan Pascoe. Bryan had a touchdown on the offensive side of the ball and also gave a straight filthy juke move to a defender after catching the ball on one of his many catches. He was also able to have two big deflections at the line of scrimmage while he was rushing the QB. Seeing these type of defensive plays would've made J.J. Watt proud.

With this performance Bryan has earned Player of the Week. This performance from Bryan in the second weeks leave us waiting to see what he'll do for the rest of the season.