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Summer Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays


Get it up photo First Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays

  Get it up

Tacos, the Food of Champions
The road to saying "cheese" in this season's champs photo

Get It Up came into this season's final night with an impressive pre-season record. Only dropping 2 matches, they showed dominance and had not one, but two Players of the Week on their squad. Let's recap the semies and final!

AT 6:40, The Fireballers could not withstand the heat Get It Up was serving. Starting a player down, Get It Up still commanded game 1 - displaying confidence, cohesion, and seemingly cruising through into game 2. The gym was heating up and Get It Up was not cooling down. With their eyes on the prize, they solidified their place in the finals.

Aceholes earned their spot in the finals after a competitive 3 game match against the #1 seed. Heading straight into the finals, could this be Aceholes' underdog story?? You might recall that Aceholes (#4) did give Get It Up (#2) their first loss in the regular season, beating them 3-0 in week 4.

Between matches, Get It Up refueled with a dinner run to a local taco joint. Was this a wise decision? Would they have to live with the unthinkable fact that maybe tacos were, for the first time ever, maybe not the best choice?
This seemed to be the case as Get It Up struggled to find their groove in game 1 AND in the first half of game 2. After winning game 1, Aceholes opened game 2 with an 11-0 run. Aceholes looked to be locking up the title.

Never showing panic or defeat, Get It Up began to make gains on the board and took the lead at 19-18 through some ticky-tac volleyball - pushes, tips, and well-placed shots. They were not going down with any effort left in the reserves. Battling back, Get It Up forced a tie-breaking game 3.

It must be said that both teams played some of the best volleyball we have seen to date. Incredible effort and athleticism! Game 3 opened with Get It Up going on a small run and never let a second ball hit the floor. Ball control, setting, and taking up the whole floor really are the hallmarks of a championship team AND Get It Up's bread and butter. After an incredibly fun match to watch, Get It Up earned the Champs title and the prize swag to go with it.

Congrats and we will see ya'll next season!

Aceholes gave them their first loss of the season... championship game was time to return the serve

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Aceholes photo
Second Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Find The Hole
7 1 0 14 2
  Get it up
7 2 0 14 8
6 3 0 12 12
  The Fireballers
5 3 0 10 9
3 4 0 6 13
  The BRAPs
2 5 0 4 15
  Five Hit Wonder
1 6 0 2 14
  Setting Ducks
0 7 0 0 18
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