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Spring Softcore Kickball Downtown Tuesdays/Thursdays


Beastmode Ballers photo First Place Trophy

Softcore Kickball Downtown Tuesdays/Thursdays

  Beastmode Ballers

Beastmode Ballers Win One for Retiring Player
"Neighbor Mike" Shines in his Swan Song Game

It was a beautiful sunny early evening as Neighbor Mike strode onto the kickball field–possibly for the last time–his greying stubble glimmering in the light.
Neighbor Mike had seen the writing on the wall. His hammy tightened up after each kick. He was called for an infamous "manbunt" his first time up for failing to get a full follow through. Would he be hanging up his cleats after this game?
If so, he was going to give it his all. In a game that always felt closer than the score looked, Neighbor Mike was the difference maker. He had several key catches in the outfield, including one he turned into a double play, and the game-ending pegout. He even adjusted his follow-through on offense to get a few key base hits that he gritted out. Father time may be undefeated, but Neighbor Mike was going to get his kicks in.
As the sun set in the distance, Neighbor Mike could be seen mounting his horse and tipping his hat.
"It's been real, folks. This game has given me so much. Just hope I gave enough back. Adios... but call me if you're short again next season."

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Second Place Trophy

Softcore Kickball Downtown Tuesdays/Thursdays
Second Place

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Looking to Score
7 2 0 14 34
  Beastmode Ballers
7 2 0 14 35
5 3 0 10 31
  Y'alls Balls
5 3 0 10 53
3 4 0 6 42
  New Kicks on the Block - Indy #K6
3 4 0 6 56
  Hill Areas Squad
1 6 0 2 73
  Rainier - Indy #K7
0 7 0 0 68
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