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Volleyball Standings

Late Spring Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays


Beers Out for Harambe photo First Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays

  Beers Out for Harambe

Seven-time Champs
A volleyball legacy

It is evident to anyone keeping tabs on Underdog's Midcore Volleyball scene that Beers Out for Harambe is a well-oiled machine. From the homemade tie-dyed shirts to the matching (fake) tattoos - these players know how to present a united front. Arriving to the championship game as a unit, not straggling in or racing in last minute - Beers Out for Harambe was ready to get down to work from the moment they walked into the gym.

After watching their future competition (O.B.D.D. 13.0) win an incredibly competitive semi-final, the captains came together for a pre-game tête-à-tête. What we love about these teams, both captained by incredible women/athletes, is the high level of sportsmanship and respect they have for each other, for the game, and for the organizing body.

The match lasted only 2 games - but really, the title could have gone to either team. Both teams played their hearts out and some of the best ball we've seen all season! But tonight, Beers Out for Harambe earned the title. Neutralizing O.B.D.D 13.0's strength, Beers Out.. covered all the holes, put up a nearly impenetrable block, and made very few unforced errors. Aggressive and well-placed tips, the hallmark of a seasoned team, tallied numerous points for our champs. Composure, unity, and confidence kept our future champs in the lead and they never looked back.

Congratulations on your SEVENTH (!!!) championship in eleven season! You managed to dominate a schedule that kept you up late and a competitive field of contenders. Just like your shirts, you made this season your own. Enjoy the summer off, you earned it! We will see you in the fall, both in Wallingford and in Everett.

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O.B.D.D. 13.0 photo
Second Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball in Wallingford Wednesdays
Second Place

O.B.D.D. 13.0

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Beers Out for Harambe
9 (1)º 0 0 18 2
6 2 0 12 9
  O.B.D.D. 13.0
6 3 0 12 10
  The Mediocres
4 4 (1)º 0 8 8
2 5 0 4 13
  The Fireballers
2 5 0 4 14
  2 Legit 2 Hit
1 6 0 2 14
  Unprotected Sets
1 6 0 2 19
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.