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Volleyball Standings

Late Spring Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays


Indy Forever photo First Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays

  Indy Forever

Indy Forever
Forever champs!

It was great to see Indy Forever win the championship this season. They're a skilled and upbeat team, always positive and encouraging of their players and their opponents. They killed it on the court tonight and played so well as a cohesive group. Teamwork makers the dream work, and they sure deserved that win. Way to set an example of good sportsmanship and bring your all in every game!

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Dream Team photo
Second Place Trophy

Midcore Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays
Second Place

Dream Team

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Indy Forever
8 0 0 16 3
  Dream Team
5 (1)º 3 0 10 7
  Volley Llamas
4 3 (1)º 0 8 7
  $4.99 All You Can Eat Pancakes
4 4 0 8 11
  Back that Ace up
3 (1)º 4 0 6 10
  Spiked Punch
2 4 0 4 10
  DAMNT (Drinking-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles) - Indy #V29
2 4 0 4 13
  You've Been Served - Indy #V28
0 6 (1)º 0 0 15
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.