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Flag Football Standings

Winter Gentlemens Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays


Feed the Hawks photo First Place Trophy

Winter Gentlemens Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays

  Feed the Hawks

Feed the Hawks

Big congratulations to Feed the Hawks as they capped off their undefeated season with a championship in a fantastic game that was well played by both teams. Freeballers got a great game from their rusher on the defensive side of the ball, but Chris Moeller of Feed the Hawks showed his veteran poise at quarterback and kept his team's momentum moving all night. Late in the first half with just under 3 minutes to play, the Freeballers were down 20-14 and driving when they ran into a fourth and numbers from just outside the second cone. The great throw and catch on the play would have netted them a first down and potentially could have led to a tying, or lead taking score going into halftime, however the quarterback released the ball with his foot over the line of scrimmage. The illegal forward pass would result in a turnover on downs allowing Feed the Hawks to take over and drive the ball downfield, draining clock. Feed the Hawks would not score, but left Freeballers with time to only run one play from their side of the field. After half, Feed the Hawks would start with the football and the lead and never look back. Freeballers did a great job of keeping the game close but could never quite make up the lost possession from the end of the first half. Great chamionship game from both Freeballers and Feed the Hawks and an overall great season from everyone who came out to Juanita Tuesday's this winter. Thank you all and hope to see you all out for the next season!

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Freeballers photo
Second Place Trophy

Winter Gentlemens Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays
Second Place


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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Feed the Hawks
9 0 0 18 201
7 2 0 14 223
  Friends with benefits
5 3 0 10 244
4 4 0 8 279
  Big O Hurricanes
3 4 0 6 224
3 4 0 6 244
  Snow Job
3 5 0 6 244
3 5 0 6 254
2 5 0 4 265
  Big TDs - Indy #FF1
0 7 0 0 266
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Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
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