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Late Spring Co-ed Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays


Pitch Please photo First Place Trophy

Late Spring Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays

  Pitch Please

Pitch Please Reigns Supreme
Knock Off Powerhouse All Star Super Stars

Pitch Please over the past few seasons have climbed the USL ladder faster than any new young team competing in our leagues. I have seen them evolve and mature into the scary force that they are now and the product they put on the field any major league manager would be proud of. It usually takes new teams four or five seasons to acclimate but they are stacked from top to bottom and play a style of softball that is in your face and relentless. Don't ever show up against this team and not willing to do battle. They don't care about records or who a team is. All they want to do is play and win. They're the nicest bunch of players I have ever had the pleasure of umping but don't let that fool you. This team is full of assassins and If your'e short handed, it's gonna be even worse. On Thursday night powerhouse All Star Super Stars found out what I have known since I have started umping this team, they look really friendly and innocent until they step on the field. From the first pitch to the last this team gives everything they have. They play a relaxed style of ball that helps them forget the errors and the bad plays and move on to get past more experienced teams who cannot do that and wind up falling apart in the end. They are smart, savvy and know the game of momentum. Once they have the momentum, good night, drive safe and good luck. This team will rule their kingdom for some time and it's only them who stands in their way. Congratulations on winning your first ever league title and can't wait to see you guys and gals in action again soon.

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All Star Super Stars photo
Second Place Trophy

Late Spring Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays
Second Place

All Star Super Stars

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St. Johns photo
Third Place Trophy

Late Spring Softball on Capitol Hill Tuesdays/Thursdays
Third Place

St. Johns

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
  Pitch Please
8 0 1 17 63
  All Star Super Stars
7 2 0 14 73
  Pitches Be Crazy - Indy #S10
5 3 0 10 79
  Frank's L'il Sluggers
5 2 0 10 82
  St. Johns
4 4 1 9 121
  Thigh Power
3 4 0 6 91
  Upper Deckers
3 5 0 6 104
  Sportin' Jorts
3 4 0 6 110
  Smash City
2 5 0 4 78
  Scared Hitless
1 6 0 2 119
  I'd Still Hit That
0 6 0 0 110
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Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.