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Flag Football Standings

Fall Gentlemens Flag Football in Ballard Thursdays


Malicious photo First Place Trophy

FALL[09] Gentlemens Flag Football in Ballard Thursdays


Malicious Comes Back to Grab Championship

In a high paced, back and forth game between the leagues two best teams, Malicious came back to win the championship.

Malicious jumped out to an early 6-0 lead as they took the ball down the field on the opening drive.

The Let Downs would answer though, coming back and scoring back to back touchdowns to take a 16-6, two score lead. Both teams would trade touchdowns as it became a 2 point game at halftime.

Malicious' defense picked it up in the 2nd half though. They stopped the Let Downs offense on fourth down twice behind the speedy rushing of John Bon.

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First Round Letdowns photo
Second Place Trophy

FALL[09] Gentlemens Flag Football in Ballard Thursdays
Second Place

First Round Letdowns

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Malicious 8 1 0 16 165
2   First Round Letdowns 7 1 0 14 180
3   Silly Midgets 5 2 0 10 121
4   Boom Goes The Dynamite 4 4 0 8 208
5   Ol' Yella 3 4 0 6 145
6   Johnny Chimpos 3 6 0 6 236
7   Swamp Donkeys 1 6 0 2 257
8   Indy #1 0 7 0 0 304
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.