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Fall is football season, pure and simple.  With some great NFL and college match-ups to take in every week, there's a lot of games to watch.  But why not get out on the field and play some football this season with your friends?  The upcoming Sunday Flag Football league at Memorial Stadium is the perfect place for new teams and seasoned Flag Football teams, alike.  With multiple skill divisions, non-contact format, and 2 refs on every field, you'll have the big time feel in a laid back atmosphere.

Sunday Flag Football at Seattle Center start October 12th.  Get your roster together and sign-up soon!

Flag Football League Info and Online Sign-Ups
More about Underdog Sports Leagues Seattle Soccer

More about Underdog Sports Leagues Seattle Soccer

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Co-ed and Gentlemen's Flag-Football in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons. In order to accommodate a variety of schedules, there are leagues both in Seattle and on the Eastside running Sunday afternoons and evenings, as well as evenings during the week. 

Flag Football seasons are 6 weeks long with an additional 2 weeks of playoffs for the top teams. Depending on your regular season record and tie-breakers, the bottom few seeds often do not qualify for the playoffs. Specific rules for 8 on 8 Co-ed and 7 on 7 Gentlemen's leagues are available once your team has registered. Our Flag Football is played rain, sleet and snow....there are no cancellations for weather.

The league provides two uniformed staff refs for each game, sets up the fields, and provides all of the game gear including flag belts and footballs (many teams bring their own ball for their offensive downs).  What should you bring?  Active clothing appropriate for the weather, and athletic shoes or turf cleats.

Come see why we has the best Coed Flag Football league around.

How to Sign Up for Soccer

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Flag Football sign up is open to Teams and Individuals.  

Teams $675
The Captain should sign up on behalf of a full team.  Credit card info will be required at the time of sign up to reserve the team's spot in the league, though NO charge or hold will be placed on the card at that time.  Captain's will be able to build their roster and invite players at that time, or later via their Captain's Lounge page.  Roster limit for Flag Football is 12 players.

Individuals $85
Individuals and small groups of friends not already part of a full team should use this option.  If part of a group, please note all of your friends in the "Players to be Teamed With" box during the sign-up process.

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