Team Uniforms

Look as Good as an Underdog!


Team Uniforms are an essential part of Underdog Sports Leagues, and are included in your registration. Previously, uniforms were only offered for Kickball and Dodgeball but in 2015 we are rolling out uniforms to each Softball, Volleyball, and Flag Football team (and Indys, of course). Sorry Bocce, Bowling, Cornhole and Mini-golf… you have awesome prize tickets instead of Team Uniforms. 


CAPTAINS: We need your help to make sure your team gets the right color and sizes!  Here's how it works:


  • Get your players to Accept their Invites and Confirm their sizes before your first game date, which you get a set of Team Uniforms for FREE up to your roster cap. (Every player above the roster cap is $15 extra, which includes a uniform!)


  • When a Captain signs up a team, they choose their top 3 colors from over 20 colors!


  • Captains can submit sizes for their players when they Invite them to their team...once the Invite is Accepted, the player then controls their own uniform size and can change the Captain’s size estimation.


ONLY players on your roster who have Accepted their invitation will receive uniforms!



  • Team uniform sets are delivered to each team at their first game (assuming you signed up early enough)



Accept Policy | Sports Offered | Uniform Sizing | Color Options





What about those players that don’t Accept their team invitation prior to the start of the league, or I add later to get up to my roster cap?

We send uniforms on the first day of the league to those players who have Accepted their roster spot. For the second and third weeks of the league, Underdog will try to manage who has Accepted their roster spots (a Captain’s reminder email wouldn’t hurt). 


What sports do I get Team Uniforms for as part of the league fee?

Underdog provides team uniforms for Kickball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Softball. 


Do you have different uniforms for men and women?

Nope. All of our team uniforms are considered unisex and they are made with a 50/50 cotton/poly blend. Because of this often times ladies will go down a size from a true ladies size to our Team Uniform size.


What sizes do you offer?

We offer Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large, depending on the color in stock.


How do I determine my size for a unisex uniform?

Unisex shirts tend to fit individuals differently. 


How To Measure for Size:

With arms down at sides, measure around the upper body, under arms and over the fullest part of the chest.



















What colors are available?




   Black                                       Charcoal Grey                                     Light Grey                                         Sky Blue




Navy                                   Royal Blue                                 Seahawks Blue                                      Teal




                                        Forset Green                                    Kelly Green                                    Neon Green                                     




   Safety Orange                                    Orange                                              Gold                                          Bright Yellow




  Red                                                Maroon                                            Purple




        Cyber Pink                                        Hot Pink                                        Light Pink                                  White


How does the roster cap affect the number of team uniforms?

Each sport has a unique roster capacity (see here for your sport).  Each additional roster spot above the capacity is $15, which includes a uniform.  Each additional player will need to Accept their roster Invite. 


Is there a deadline for uniform sizes?

Yes, players need to Accept their roster Invite and Confirm their uniform size before the shirt cutoff date which is at least 5 days prior to the start of the league. 


I ordered the wrong sizes! Can I exchange some?

Because players can now change/update their size through their Player Page, USL will not exchange uniforms. 


Can we get our uniforms early so I can customize them or print on them?

Unfortunately - no. Uniforms are not available for early pick-up, but teams are welcome to customize the uniforms or print on uniforms after they’ve received them.


Where can I pick up my uniforms?

Don’t worry, we'll bring them out to your team for your first game, but your team will need to sign in first before we give you the uniform pack.