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Rain Out Policies

Rain Out Policies

We love Spring and Fall softball here at USL... it was popular demand that got them started in the first place. And though we have been extremely fortunate in the past, it is not yet clear if Mother Nature is as fond of non-summer softball/kickball in Seattle as we are. With this in mind, we have established the following rain-out policy that applies to ALL USL softball and kickball leagues(flag football players just get wet):


How do I know if my game is rained out?
All games will be played as scheduled unless the field is closed by the city, or conditions are deemed unsafe for play by the site supervisor. In other words: A game is NOT a rain out just because it is raining. We live in Seattle... you might find yourself playing left in a poncho.

Rain-out info will be posted on the main page of the USL website as soon as humanly possible. This is generally by 3:30 on a weekday or 10:30 on a weekend. If you suspect a rainout, check the USL website first. If it is closer to game time, you can call the USL rain out hotline: (206) 320-TEAM.

If there is still any doubt, GO TO THE FIELD. A rainout may have to be called at the last minute by the site supervisor or by the city. These situations obviously cannot be posted on the website or rainout line. If it is close to game time and you haven't heard anything, the game is probably going to be played - don't miss out on some soggy softball fun.


Also, in your player page, you can opt-in to receive weather-related text messages. If you’re on a roster in a league that is rained out mid-league, we’ll be able to send a text message to your phone.


What the Heck!! The website says my softball/kickball/grass volleyball league has been canceled due to field conditions and the weather outside is great and it hasn’t rained all day.


Yes… we know. Calling rainouts has very little to do with the current weather though, and a LOT to do with the actual condition and surface of the field, and the amount of water that the field has received in the days leading up to your games. The sun may be shining but a water logged field will just get wrecked if you play on it, and will often be closed by parks departments and school districts for just that reason.  At Underdog we always try our hardest to get games in no matter what the weather, but we are in this for the long haul. We want fields to be great and playable for years and we want to keep the relationships we have with the fields we currently use. The quickest way to ruin all the fun is to play a short term game and wreck the long term quality of an important field. 


It’s raining out – Are my football games still on?

Flag football is a sport that we play in almost every weather condition, wind, rain, sleet and snow. Just like the dudes on TV. For other leagues like kickball, softball, outdoor volleyball, bocce, etc. it’s always best to check the homepage of the website the day of your games. 

What happens if there is a rain out?
Every attempt will be made to reschedule all rain-outs on the same day of the week as regular play. However, as field space is at a premium in Seattle, make-up games may be scheduled on another day of the week. Teams will be informed of their make-up game schedule as soon as it is known.

Even if a league says it is going to finish up on a certain date, it’s likely that we could extend it a couple of weeks to make up for rainouts.

What happens if the game can't be re-scheduled or there are multiple rain outs in one season?
If USL is unable to provide a make-up game due to field and time constraints, teams will receive a pro-rated refund of their team fee for each game that is missed and cannot be rescheduled beyond their first missed game. For example if there is a hundred year flood and Team Statdog gets rained out of three games of their seven game season, and those games cannot be rescheduled, Team Statdog would have two sevenths (28.6%) of their team fee refunded. Two games will be refunded the team - the other one goes to bribe Mother Nature for next season.


If a team declines a make-up game (scheduled on any day of the week), the team is not eligible for a refund of that missed game. If Team Statdog was re-scheduled for one of its three missed games, but was unable to play at that time, it's refund would be only one-seventh of the team fee. Of course, every attempt will be made to accommodate scheduling requests for make ups.

Why does the refund kick in at the second missed game... is the Statdog trying to take advantage of eager soft-ballers and kick-ballers?
Good question... not at all. As you can imagine, running softball and kickball leagues requires a lot of administrative time and energy, even before any games are played. This admin time goes up significantly when a rain out occurs, as new fields have to reserved and games juggled, etc. If you think you're bummed when it rains, the Statdog is even more bummed. As mentioned, every effort will be made to reschedule games, but playing softball in Seattle before July and after August is a risky proposition... this policy is just how we ask eager soft-ballers and kick-ballers to recognize and share a small part of that risk.

Can I still go to the sponsor bar if there is a rain-out?
We'll see you there.