About Drinks on the Links

About Drinks on the Links

Quick Rules Overview



About Drinks on the Links

Underdog Sports Leagues offers co-ed Drinks on the Links mini-golf leagues during the early and late summer. Drinks on the Links is a 5 week format with theme night, prize coupons, and a mini-playoff tournament on the 5th week for the top (non-cheating teams). As part of the league culture, we also try to provide music and good deals and access to beverages, although beverages are never free as part of the league.  Drinks on the Links is always an excellent setting for the more non-competitive teams who want to hang out, or for companies who want to reward their employees after work. Roster limits are maxed out at 10, with 6 people golfing per hole. Different nights of the league will offer different scoring formats so that all of your golfers can be involved. Despite the fact that we play the league with colored golf balls, DOTL is a 21 and over league and you will be carded before entrance is allowed.


Quick Rules Overview

  • 3 women and 3 men golf per hole – You can switch golfers from hole to hole.
  • 7 stroke max per hole
  • You can bring your own putter – you’d better be good with it if you do though…
  • ID and proper clothing always required.
  • Players get scorecard length off a side wall or other obstruction
  • Cheating is super lame – don’t do it
  • Don’t hit other peoples shots for them, kick your ball or use an eraser
  • Also don’t cheat … we will catch you.


Drinks on the Links FAQ

We are signing up a team from work – Can I bring more than 6 people ?

You can bring up to ten people a night as long as you only golf 6 per hole (3 women/ 3 men)


What’s the minimum if people are out of town?

The minimum for a legit team is 4 (2 women/2 men).


Do I have to wait for all the other teams to start and stand around?

DOTL is always a shotgun start – every team starts the round of 18 at a different hole?


Is this some kind of drunken frat party or something?

No – And all the rules of a normal bar still apply even if your outside. Bring in an outside beer? You are gone. Don’t have an ID? You’re gone. Act like a dufus? You will be gone.


Can I bring my own Putter?



Are there putters for me to use?

Yes we provide the putters, custom scorecards, and colored balls.


Can I bring my own “special” golf balls?



Are there windmills and stuff?

Not normally – but each course we use has its own special flavor.


Can I win Prizes?

Yup – Every Drinks on the Links league has a prize system for feats like hole-in-1’s and for team spirit as well.


Can I win Drinks?



This is kind of cool – Can I start this in my own hometown?

Not without our permission.  A crazy team of lawyers will come visit you if you start calling your league Drinks on the Links … and yes this has happened before.  Also you are lazy and uncreative.