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Everything you Need to Know for the 2018 Red Rubber Showdown






Welcome to the 2018 Red Rubber Showdown Info Page! We know there's a lot to keep track of during this action-packed day, so everything you need to know about the 15th Annual Red Rubber Showdown can be found here - from Schedules and Standings for your pool play and playoff games, to the best place to grab a cold beer in between games or after the tournament.


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For teams that don't make the playoffs, click here for more information on the chance to play in our Last Chance Cornhole Tournament!



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For the talented (and possibly lucky) teams who perform at a high enough level, the playoffs await after your divisional games. As a reminder, after the divisional games are done your team members will receive a text message letting you whether or not you made the playoffs, assuming they are set up to receive text messages from Underdog. If you are unsure, log in to your account and click the "Edit Your Info" link in the top-right corner.


  • Top 4 Midcore Teams will advance
  • Top 2 Softcore Teams in each division will advance (Saloon division will have top 3 Teams advance)


Tiebreaker Info

Unsure as to why your team didn't make the playoffs? The following factors are used to determine tiebreakers in record:

  • Ties in divisional record will be broken by head-to-head record.
  • In cases where more than two teams are tied, runs allowed will be the second tiebreaker.

Champs Prizes

Champions will receive:

  • Champs T-shirts, and Headbands
  • Bonus Sponsor Bar Coupons
  • An unlimited supply of high fives
  • ... and a special SURPRISE prize from Rainier!


Gameday Experience Info


LAST CHANCE Cornhole Tournament


So your team (despite a valiant effort from everyone) juuuuust missed the playoffs, but you're not ready for the day to end? Fear not! There remains one more chance for glory! Leny's Place is proud to host the LAST CHANCE Cornhole Tournament, a fun way to take a shot at redemption for your beloved squad.

Pair up with a partner and join us at Leny's Place once your games are over for an evening of Cornhole and merrymaking. Sign-ups open at 5:00PM, and games will start at approximately 6:00PM.


PRIZES will be awarded to the winner, so be sure to bring your A-game!



Sponsor Bar Info

If you're looking for something to do between games or after the tournament, come celebrate the victories with your team (alongside the defeats) and get to know your fellow Underdogs over an ice cold Rainier. Back for another round, our Sponsor Bars for the 2018 Red Rubber Showdown are Leny's Place and Shelter Lounge.


As always, NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED AT THE FIELD. Keep it at the bar/on the bus!


Leny's Place:

Address - 2217 N 56th St, Seattle, WA, 98103


  • $10 Rainier pitchers and $3 pints all day
  • Food deals include an exclusive Red Rubber Showdown menu, featuring All Day Happy Hour prices.


Please note that Leny's Place does not allow players to bring their backpacks onto the premises.



Shelter Lounge - Greenlake:

Address - 7110 East Green Lake Way Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115



  • 15% off your team tab and $3 Rainier cans all day
  • Food deals include an exclusive Red Rubber Showdown menu, featuring All Day Happy Hour prices.





Party Bus Info


An integral part of the Red Rubber Showdown gameday experience, three Party Busses will provide players shuttle transportation between three key locations:


  -  Lower Woodland Playfields

  -  Green Lake Playfields and Shelter Lounge

  -  Leny's Place

Buses will arrive at each stop every 15 - 20 minutes, so don't worry if you just miss a departing bus; another is on its way!

The Party Buses are the ONLY place during the Showdown where you are allowed to drink your own alcohol:


Make sure to finish or re-pack your beverage before stepping off the bus.





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