Fall Co-ed Softball at Lower Woodlands Tuesdays

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Tuesday, September 30

Playoff Date 9/30
Playoff Seeds
[1] Mi Scuze
[2] Da Bad News Bears
[3] Who's Buying
[4] Slammers
[5] Empty Pitchers
[6] My Salsa
POTW: Kelly Ryan
POTW: Kelly Ryan
My Salsa
Kelly had an amazing week. in his 3 games he had 5 HRs including one to take the lead in the 7th, a ridiculous amount of RBIs as well as doing an amazing job in the field. Kelly had what was hands down the best play of the week. In the bottom of the 7th his team was up one run with one out and a runner on 3rd. the ball was popped up to him in left field for the second out. the runner tagged from 3rd and kelly hurled the ball home to beat the runner and get the third and final out of the game.
  Field 3 Field 6
6:30 PM
  My Salsa [5]
  Who's Buying [4]
POTG: Bonnie J
  The Empty Pitchers [7]
  Slammers [8]
POTG: Jeff C
8:00 PM
  Da Bad News Bears [12]
  My Salsa [13]
POTG: Kelly R
  Mi Scuze! [7]
  Slammers [13]
POTG: Zach L
9:30 PM
  Mi Scuze! [15]
  Da Bad News Bears [14]
POTG: Sean Vonnegut
  My Salsa [19]
  Slammers [17]
POTG: John M

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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