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Thursday, December 13

Playoff Date 12/13, 4 Teams Advance, ALL Teams Bowl!!!
Playoff Seeds
[1] The Dramatic Chipmunks
[2] 3 Fingers In
[3] Pin Stalkers
[4] I Can't Believe it's Not Gutter
POTW: Stephanie Jordan
POTW: Stephanie Jordan
Pin Stalkers
What lies in the heart of a champion? Pure desire. Just ask Stephanie Jordan. Her Pin Stalkers were a simple Indy team just a few short seasons ago. With some talent, they've been able to be competitive and have made the playoffs a few times in recent seasons. After a heartbreaking loss in the semis last season, Stephanie was determined to win it all this season. From the beginning of the evening, the look was there, the confidence. She would not be denied. Nor was she. Stephanie and the Pin Stalkers came away with their first ever championship. Congratualtions, guys.
  9:30 PM
Lanes 1 and 2
Lanes 3 and 4
Lanes 5 and 6
Lanes 7 and 8
Lanes 9 and 10

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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