Winter Big Turkey Bowling at Sunset Monday 7pm

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Monday, February 20

4 Teams Advance, All Teams Bowl
Playoff Seeds
[1] PinPals
[2] Unusual Spare
[3] Slammers I
[4] The Slick Lane Hookers
POTW: Paul Ng
POTW: Paul Ng
216....Thats all that needs to be said. Paul Ng bowled a 216 in the playoffs, showing that big time players, make big time plays, in big time games. Paul and the rest of his PinPals capped an impressive season with two playoff wins and an Underdog Championship.
  7:00 PM
Lanes 1 and 2
Lanes 3 and 4
Lanes 5 and 6
Lanes 7 and 8

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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