Summer Co-ed Softball at Lower Woodlands Fridays

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Friday, August 12

Playoffs Begin 8/12
Playoff Seeds
[1] Spoons and Scoons
[2] Deez Balls
[3] Bat$h!t Crazy!
[4] They Might Be Giants
[5] Softballs & Hard Wood
[6] My God. What happened?
Watchout He's Got a Bat!
Watchout He's Got a Bat!
This weeks player of the week goes to Kyle Godfrey and his freakish hits! Kyle made a name for himself all season demonstrating his explosive power at the plate. Kyle sprayed shots all over the field using every inch given between the chalk lines. Kyle then also hit bombs like Mr. Mayhem, leaving no car in the area safe from damage. Great season Kyle!
  Field 3 Field 6
6:00 PM
  My God. What happened? [5]
  Bat$h!t Crazy! [17]
POTG: Sam T.
  They Might Be Giants [21]
  Softballs & Hard Wood [10]
POTG: Brandon F
7:30 PM
  Bat$h!t Crazy! [3]
  Deez Balls [20]
POTG: Pat R.
  Spoons and Scoons [14]
  They Might Be Giants [16]
POTG: Matt R
9:00 PM
  Deez Balls [24]
  They Might Be Giants [7]
POTG: Lucas C.

Visitor (first team) vs Home (second team)

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