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Winter Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Sundays


Fluke of Nature photo First Place Trophy

WIN[11] Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Sundays

  Fluke of Nature

It's No Fluke, They Are Champs
Fluke of Nature wins Title on Games Last Play

Bruce Stead threw a short touchdown pass to Clara Hard with no time remaining on the clock, leading Fluke of Nature to a dramatic 33-32 win over Totem Alum.
The game was fantastic from start to finish, as the teams traded touchdowns the first drives of the game, Fluke's coming on a pass from Bruce Stead to Ashley Fisk and Totem's on a TD reception by Leland Reese. After that, Fluke of Nature stretched the lead to 2 scores, 20-8 at halftime, using a rushing TD by Stead and a TD catch by Anthony Benezra.
The beginning of the 2nd half saw Totem Alum come out of the gate fast as they scored an early TD to Tim Tang and then after an interception, took the lead on 24-20 on another beautiful "pitch and catch". But from that point on the defenses took over and there were only 3 scores the remainder of the game.
Fluke recaptured the lead midway through the half on a pass from Stead to Matt Fisk. But Totem Alum answered, driving the length of the field and scoring on another TD pass to Tim Tang to take the lead 32-27 with 2 minutes remaing.
Fluke took over and with Bruce Stead running a nearly flawless 2 minute offense, drove down the field while taking time off the clock. On first and goal, the Stead pass went incomplete, on 2nd down Stead ran for a short gain. On 3rd down another pass over the middle went incomplete stopping the clock with .50 seconds remaining. On 4th down, Stead scrambled, avoided an oncoming pass rusher and found Clara Hard, who made a beautiful catch amongst Totem defenders.
it was a incredible championship game, well played by both teams. Congratulaions to Totem Alum for a great season and to Fluke of Nature for their title.

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Totem Alum photo
Second Place Trophy

WIN[11] Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Sundays
Second Place

Totem Alum

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Washington Cathedral photo
Third Place Trophy

WIN[11] Co-ed Flag Football at Juanita HS Sundays
Third Place

Washington Cathedral

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Totem Alum 6 3 0 12 232
2   Fluke of Nature 6 3 0 12 297
3   Washington Cathedral 5 3 1 11 221
4   back at it again 4 2 1 9 186
5   Chaos 3 4 0 6 228
6   Beast Mode 3 4 0 6 243
7   Heavy Hitters 0 8 0 0 307
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