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Players of the Game

8/18/15 - 9/3/15

Tony R

Just Kickin It

3 for 4. "Pretty descent catch"

Kyle S

Big Blue Thumbs

Game winning kick

Kurt ?


Pitched an awesome game

Marcus A

Kick Yo Couch Ninja's

Big plays at SS

Tim K

Kick Yo Couch Ninja's

4 for 4 with solid D

Sarah S

Fresh Kicks of Ball-Air

Scored 4 runs and awesome plays at second

Peter R

Indy #K23

2 runs, 3 RBIs

John G

Indy #K22

2 RKIs and studly pitching

Matt S


slide, catches

Cooper C

Sparkle Mountain Chupacabras

kicked for the cycle

Players of the Week

8/18/15 - 9/3/15

Kyle Stover

Big Blue Thumbs

This wasn't Stover's first time. Last inning, do or die and Stover knocks one out into the outfield scoring in 2 runs and winning the game. I'd have to pull up our records, but I'm pretty sure he was put in the same position a few seasons ago and I'm almost certain, the end result was the same. So obviously, this is the guy you want up, when the game is on the line. Exciting performance!

Cooper Crosby

Sparkle Mountain Chupacabras

Well someone call copper the washing machine... why? ... Because he just hit for the cycle! And his team needed every bit of Cooper's production, as Sparkle Mountain found themselves in a battle all the way to the end. Not only was the game back and forth with the lead changing on several occasions, but is was also a battle of which team was prettiest in pink, as both teams sport pink jerseys. And Cooper was the one who came out smelling like roses and looking the freshest of them all.

Ashleigh Seely

Coming in Clutch

This past Monday at Lower Woodlands park, Ashleigh altruistically answered the call of duty for a team in need. Globoruns was short a girl for game 2 of their doubleheader, and earnestly called out for players from the teams on the other field to help them become a legal squad. Ashleigh was the only player kind enough to stay another hour, and she gave wholehearted effort to her adopted team. For being a true team player despite an oncoming early morning, Ashleigh is our player of the week.

Multiple Score-gasms

Lawrence Martin

Tequila Mockingbirds

Lawrence was a man possessed on the diamond! Known affectionately or not as "Bro", Lawrence was definitely making all spectators say "Bro"? With his spectacular plays at short stop. Bro was allover the field snagging fly balls in right center field from his short stop position or throwing would scorers out at home from shallow left field. Lawrence was also decent when up to bat, but he made his hey from his position at short stop. I am expecting a September call up to the big leagues in the next couple of days...

Emma Nyland

Pitch, please!

Emma of Pitch Please turn in the play of the night, and possibly of the season on Tuesday. With the bases loaded and no outs, a sharp liner was hit to third. Emma grabbed the ball, stepped on her base and threw a pinpoint shot to cut the runner down at home and turn in an amazing double play! Great job Emma!

Ricky Smidt

Jumps off the Tape at You

In kickball, rarely does an individual player dominate so much that they repeatedly stand out during the course of a game. Not so this past Monday at Lower Woodlands park. During his game tonight, Ricky accounted for over 50% of his team's putouts, registering show-stopping plays on a consistent basis. He dominated the game, and for that he is our player of the week.

Do You Like Dragons?

Amanda Poast

The Ultimate Competitor

Amanda is easily our championship week player of the week. During her team's final and semi-final matchups, Amanda bunted and kicked valiantly with a torn quad muscle! Amanda reached first base myriad times, generating valuable runs for her teams. For her inhuman effort that contributed heavily to Hold My Kick's championship, Amanda is our player of the week.

Hold My Kick

Anthony Muck

We Like Big Bunts and We Cannot Lie!

Anthony had the patience of Job and the boom stick of Cruz. With many of his team mates not playing Underdog kickball before this season, there were a lot of rules and quirks that the team had to work through. Anthony being the veteran of the team and having tasted success multiple times due to him winning multiple Champuonships, Anthony calmly placed his player sin positions to be successful and quietly went on about his day. As his team began to get more acquainted with the game due to Anthony's leadership, his team began to chip away at the early deficit they found themselves in. But as Anthony was displaying his leadership abilities, Anthony also brought his A Game! Belting two home runs while providing a triple in another at bat and throwing rocket shots to first base to throw would be base runners out, Anthony was obviously the star of the day! Job well done!

Jeffrey Larsen

Kickballers United

After playing and losing a close first game of a doubleheader, no one would blame Jeffrey if he took it easy in the second game of the night. Not the case, though. Early on in the game, he provided the big blast of the night with an extraordinary grand slam in the first inning. To top off his night, Jeffrey made an amazing diving catch and throw to second for a game-ending double play that preserved the slim victory. An amazing play and great way to end the game!

"Freshman" Ryan Benoit Scores Big

Move Pitch, Get Out the Way! Star Shines in the Championship

Move Pitch, Get Out The Way! versus Pitches Be Crazy! in the championship. A strong hitting performance in the first two innings really did the trick to win this 2015 championship for Move Pitch, Get Out The Way!. After kicking in nine runs over just two innings, the motivation to comeback and win for Pitches Be Crazy! kind of vanished. Instrumental in the championship win and offensive power was Ryan Benoit. He went 2-4, with two runs, and two RBIs. Congratulations on the dominant performance to win the championship. Of course, with this win, Move Pitch, Get Out The Way! was awarded prizes and selected the $75 gift certificate to Underdog Sports Leagues. And super congratulations to Ryan Benoit for his MVP championship performance and earning the Player of the Week honour!!

Move Pitch, Get Out the Way!

Fall Co-ed Kickball at Ballard Boys & Girls Club Sundays

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  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Co-ed 10's (6 men and 4 women) - Rosters Up to 15 Players
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  • Days of the week: Sunday
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