Lunchtime Leagues - Friend Building Events

What if lunch is actually the most important meal of the day?





















The boss wants it all...Better productivity, higher team morale, better retention, a fun workplace... 

Oh, and a great company culture that will make the company legendary and feel like a family. 


Piece of cake...right?


What if there was one number that could help you with all of your companies challenges? What if there was one metric to make the boss and the employees happy at the same time, and cover all of the bases (pun intended)?


Its a simple secret that thousands of companies are afraid to tap into, but is staring them right in the face.


What is your Friend Index?  


You spend a ton of time and money on "Team Building"...maybe you should try spending the same amount on "Friend Building."



Friends will do more for one another in a day than coworkers will do in a year.



Lunchtime Leagues were created with this idea in mind. Whether portable Mini-Golf, Giant Jenga, or Cornhole, FunCorp can create a league that will engage employees in a non-intimidating game meant not only to create a fun worlkplace but to create more friendships around the office. 


Maybe you've tried coordianting events after work, only to run into transportation issues and soccer practices. But you know where everyone will be in the middle of the day: they will be at lunch.


That foosball table in the lunchroom is just gathering dust anyway. Instead of focusing on dinner or drinks, why not focus on lunch and give your employee a date on the calendar to look forward to...maybe even turning a Monday into a positive?


And maybe, most importantly, we will bring the 5 to 6 week league to you, on-site at your campus or office.

How can you create a fun company culture if you keep having to leave the office in order to have fun?


Happy hours and cocktail parties are better than nothing, but we've spent 15 years helping foster friendships through sports leagues and games. Don't take our word, listen to an expert:


"What's wrong with cocktail parties? Nothing at all, unless of course you're interested in fostering meaningful connections. Cocktail parties tend to isolate people into groups of those they already know trapping them in conversations that feel strained and rarely result in close bonds. Partly because there is nothing to do but talk. For many people taking the focus off the conversation and placing it squarely on an activity reduces self-consciousnesses and makes connections easier to grow. This can be especially true for the introverts in a group, who are often more comfortable bonding shoulder to shoulder with a colleague than face to face."

Ron Friedman PhD: The Best place to Work [pg 117] 




Leave behind the pressure of trying to create loyalty and trust through talking and communication excercises, and let us run an activity like a Lunchtime League to build loyal employees by FIRST building great friendships. 



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