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Flag Football Standings

Fall Gentlemens Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays


Freeballers photo First Place Trophy

Fall Gentlemens Flag Football at Juanita HS Tuesdays


Freeballers score GW TD as time expires, defeats Feed the Hawks
Overcame halftime deficit, walks off as champs

In a game that everyone knew was going to come down to the wire, the Freeballers got revenge for their only loss of the season to complete an 8-game winning streak and be crowned the champs of Juanita Tuesday. The game was close from the first snap, with the Freeballers marching down and scoring on their first drive, only to have Feed the Hawks match them with a quick TD drive of their own. Both defenses came up huge at moments of the game, with the Freeballers gobbling up a red-zone INT, only to turn it over on the very next play. Feed the Hawks scored a go-ahead TD right at halftime, but the Freeballers came up with an extra stop in the second half to keep it within a one-score game. Feed the Hawks took over with a minute and a half left and promptly drove it down, aided by an amazing 4th and long diving catch to keep the drive alive. It turns out they left too much time on the clock, however, as the Freeballers marched down the field and scored the game-winning TD as time expired on a beautiful roll-out and strike to the corner of the endzone. Congrats to the Freeballers!

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Feed the Hawks 9 (2)º 1 0 18 207
2   Freeballers 8 1 0 16 220
3   Winslows Soldiers 5 3 0 10 283
4   Bozworth's Buddies 4 4 0 8 251
5   Indy #FF21 3 4 0 6 234
6   Humbly Overconfident 2 5 0 4 278
7   Brotein* 1 6 0 2 343
8   Kpt. Krunchers 0 8 (2)º 0 0 355
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.