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Early Summer Co-ed Beach Volleyball at Alki Mondays


Air Traffic Control photo First Place Trophy

SPR[11] Early Summer Co-ed Beach Volleyball at Alki Mondays

  Air Traffic Control

Four Incredible Matches at Alki Wrap Up Championships, Playoffs
Team "Air Traffic Control" brings an amazing season in for a smooth landing

As if the unforgiving Seattle weather knew there was a championship match to be played, the cloudy skies parted just in time to let the sunshine light up the courts at Alki Beach on Monday night. Setting the tone for the rest of the evening, the semi-final matches proved to be two very tight matchups, including a hard fought victory in three extremely close games for the Spikopaths over the eventual 3rd place winners, the Sand Sliders. The matchup between the hitting power of Spikopath's "Rick the Spiker'" and the speed and defensive prowess of Sand Slider's "Jacob the Diver" was as epic as any
After scratching out three tough victories in their semifinal match against Indy Team # 1, aka Sets on the Beach, team Air Traffic Control set their radar on that championship trophy (ok, T-shirts). Winning their first game and taking an early 1-0 lead, ATC seemed poised for a smooth flight, but the Spikopaths were ready to show off their "crazy" skills. Taking game two, led by superb teamwork and communication, the Spikopaths showed that anyone wanting those "Champs" T-shirts was going to have to go through them.
Willing to try anything to turn the tables back in their favor, ATC's Kari ran straight into the Puget Sound during the deciding 3rd game and waded up to almost waist high. Energized by the adventerous spirit, Air Traffic Control put the lid on the Early Summer season with a monster tip from Scott to win it all.
As the final match came to an end, the clouds rolled back in and punctuated a great beach volleyball season.

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Spikopaths photo
Second Place Trophy

SPR[11] Early Summer Co-ed Beach Volleyball at Alki Mondays
Second Place


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Sand Sliders photo
Third Place Trophy

SPR[11] Early Summer Co-ed Beach Volleyball at Alki Mondays
Third Place

Sand Sliders

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Air Traffic Control 9 0 0 18 2
2   Sand Sliders 7 2 0 14 9
3   Spikopaths 6 3 0 12 11
4   Sets on the Beach - Indy #1 5 4 0 10 14
5   Bump, Set, Yikes! 3 4 0 6 11
6   Saved by the Bench 2 4 0 4 13
7   Don't Bump to Strangers 2 6 0 4 16
8   Ball Busters 1 5 0 2 12
9   Balls in Your Face - Indy #2 0 7 0 0 17
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.