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Drinks on the Links #8 - Mondays


The Sandbagging Putters photo First Place Trophy

SUM[10] Drinks on the Links #8 - Mondays

  The Sandbagging Putters

Sandbagging Putters New DOTL Champs!
The Sandbagging Putters pull out the win Monday night in close putting battle.

The drinks were flowing and putts were rolling on the mini golf course last night. In a close battle for the much-loved DOTL Champ title, The Sandbagging Putters managed to pull out the win! With nary a score over 50, these folks putted like true champs; in matching shirts nonetheless! Adam and Jo had the low scores for the night, both with a mere 43. The rest of the team putted equally well and were close behind.

Just the Cup fell from the number one spot with a score of 189. They were so close they could practically taste the sweet tang of victory! Alas, The Sandbagging Putters managed to crawl ahead. Eastonbound and Down stayed in third with a score of 196. Indy #1 fell from 2nd place to fourth with a final score of 206.

It was a beautiful night on the course last night without a single whiff of landfill! Congrats to the Sandbagging Putters for putting their hearts out and showing that wearing matching shirts every week clearly does help!

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Just the Cup photo
Second Place Trophy

SUM[10] Drinks on the Links #8 - Mondays
Second Place

Just the Cup

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Eastonbound and Down photo
Third Place Trophy

SUM[10] Drinks on the Links #8 - Mondays
Third Place

Eastonbound and Down

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  Team Total Score
1   6 Friends, 1 Cup 824
2   Colored balls, that's what she said - Indy #2 836
3   Just the Cup 983
4   The Sandbagging Putters 1005
5   Indy #1 1011
6   Eastonbound and Down 1014
7   Putt Putt in the Butt 1027
8   The Hole Enchilada 1035
9   Here for the Beer 1050
10   Two Strokes One Cup 1064
11   Bronson's Monday Chocolate Ice Cream Show 1091
12   The 3-footers 1095
13   Mulagans Island 1103
14   Indy #3 1120
15   The Batwings 1123
16   T-Scan Corporation 1157
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Teams are ranked by their cumulative score throughout the season, with the lowest scores being the best.
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.