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Flag Football Standings

Spring Gentlemens Flag Football at Seattle Center Saturdays


Smoke and Mirrors photo First Place Trophy

SPR[10] Gentlemens Flag Football at Seattle Center Saturdays

  Smoke and Mirrors

No Magic, Just Pure Football for Smoke and Mirrors
Team Played Great Defense to Take the Title

Smoke and Mirrors walked off the field last Saturday as the undisputed champion. They went through the playoffs with a confidence and intensity unmatched by the other teams. Their first game was against Rip-It a veteran team of Underdog with a knack for scoring and coming up with great plays, offensively and defensively. The game stayed pretty close with teams trading blows. Smoke and Mirrors distanced themselves in the second half. Rip-It, never giving up, played until the end but Smoke and Mirrors came up victorious.

Stinkie Pinkies drive to the championship match was more dramatic. Led by their quaterback, Tommy, who distributed the ball to all his receivers and looked like an all pro at many moments in the game. However, Seattle Mist came up with some key stops and kept the game close. The second half is where the tide turned. Led by their defense, Rome who earned player of the game, came up with some key interceptions and defensive stops that helped Stinky Pinkies Pull away. The Championship was now set.

The match started off with defense. Both teams drove down the field but were stopped short with some turnovers. Smoke and Mirrors struck first, led by their ultra-competitive quarterback. Guy had fire in his belly and he had a determined attitude. He fired in a touchdown and that seemed to get them going. Stinky Pinkies were down 12 and then got it going. They had some chances early in the second half but Kyle of Smoke and Mirrors came up with some key interceptions in the end zone to thwart some great drives. In the end, Kyle was the difference maker and Stinky could not overcome their turnovers. It was a great game to referee and watch unfold. Great job to the champions and I am sure we will see Stinky Pinkies in future playoff championships.

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Stinky Pinkies photo
Second Place Trophy

SPR[10] Gentlemens Flag Football at Seattle Center Saturdays
Second Place

Stinky Pinkies

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   Smoke and Mirrors 9 1 0 18 247
2   Stinky Pinkies 7 3 0 14 229
3   RIP-IT 7 3 0 14 304
4   Seattle Mist 6 2 0 12 184
5   Band of Bunglers 6 3 0 12 189
6   It Burns When I Pee 5 4 0 10 224
7   Damned Dirty Apes 4 4 0 8 198
8   Wobbley H 4 4 0 8 204
9   Pack It In 4 4 0 8 209
10   This Aint What You Want 3 4 0 6 180
11   Sasquatch Militia 2 4 0 4 143
12   83 'Canes 1 7 0 2 262
13   GAMETIME V.3 1 8 0 2 277
14   Pen Fifteen 0 8 0 0 284
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.