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Winter Midcore Co-ed Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays


Drew's Last Stand photo First Place Trophy

WIN[10] Midcore Co-ed Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays

  Drew's Last Stand

What the kill?
Talk about a power struggle. These games were all about the huge hits.

The Defending Champions came out strong in the first match against the Sweat Bandits. Eli was blocking and absolutely killing the ball while Jacob served up points and had some great swings of his own. The Bandits played great defense but lost in a tough 2 games. Next the underdogs Drew's Last Stand picked off the #1 seeded Casual Sets in a close fought 2 games. The smart tipping, hustle and great serving weren't enough for Casual Sets. Kim ran all over making the guys look like titans on the net. Drew's Last Stand went in to the championship game with intensity and a great hitting rhythm. This match quickly turned in to a shoot out and displays of tough defense. Several players from both teams were seen examining their arms for welts after a dig. Who can blame them? Christian, Patrick, Drew, and Steve attacked with force; several hits slamming against the floor so hard we could barely see them land. Kalynn and Amber played tough defense for their Defending Champions but in the end, they needed more than that to win. Great teams, awesome attitudes throughout, and volleyball that was truly fun to watch.

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The Defending Champions photo
Second Place Trophy

WIN[10] Midcore Co-ed Volleyball at First Baptist Mondays
Second Place

The Defending Champions

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  Team Wins Losses Draws Ranking
1   The Defending Champions 7 2 0 14 7
2   Drew's Last Stand 7 2 0 14 9
3   Casual Sets 6 2 0 12 5
4   Balls To The Wall 4 3 0 8 9
5   Sweat Bandits 3 5 0 6 15
6   Indy #1 2 5 0 4 13
7   2 Step 2 5 0 4 14
8   Hanging By a Thread 0 7 0 0 18
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